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A mythical perfume in the amber perfume category, Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens takes us down a soft and powerful trail made of amber and labdanum, a very fragrant resin reminiscent of incense.

In terms of packaging, my impression is that Lutens has recently modified its visual identity because the design is completely different from my UBV bottle. We are now using dark code, very mixed, such as L’artisan Parfumeur. I received a bottle with a lid. There is a spray bottle in the box. Obviously, I quickly screwed it on because it is still a more practical perfume.

On the surface, Ambre Sultan seems to be a variation of the traditional labdanum and vanilla notes, which can be found in many classic perfumes. It certainly has a lot of warm resin, with an emphasis on dry patchouli and wood and delicious dark vanilla. However, while some elements seem familiar, some aspects of Ambre Sultan are surprising.

The bright aromas of marjoram, thyme, and cilantro give off a spicy taste, and when set against the dark, heavy resin, the effect is like sprinkling salt on a piece of chocolate. Vanilla dilutes the richness of amber, while the green musk softens some rough edges.

These are my little babies, I like it!


  • $150.00/50mL
  • $230.00/100mL



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