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The first hue of this perfume is ruby petal rose and earthy earthy tones, which reminds you of moist black earth, possibly the earth of a cemetery. Then it became dusty, silent, almost gray before coming back to life…

La Fille de Berlin got what she wanted. But what does she want? She is a perfect rose, exuding infinitely dangerous crimson and shimmering innocent pink tones. It is pulled up in an authoritative and self-proclaimed direction, and it is extravagant only for itself. This is a smell that expresses extreme realism towards the polar regions, somehow getting better.

The floral scent stayed on the skin for a long time, it pulsed with iridescent tones, covered with rich red berry jam, cinnamon, fruit, and contrasting black pepper, pink pepper and a hint of citrus. It makes the nose itchy, creates conspiracies, and pulls down with the extension of the facets, showing a temperament and gorgeous fragrance, and it kicks off with an extraordinary sense of restraint. Simply put, it teased with sweetness at first, and then tortured in the sensual drying up.

If the rose, in general, embodies the femininity, then this iron or steel rose has the imprint of the masculine eye on the outline of the woman, and the yin and yang are imprinted.

This is one of my favorite perfumes, I really hope you can try it!


  • $150.00/50mL
  • $230.00/100mL



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