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In the lipstick world, Serge Lutens can be described as a transcendent status-not only because of its expensive price, a 2.3g lipstick sold for 70 euros (see the mini lipstick inventory), for a long time to sit on the throne of “the world’s most expensive lipstick”, even if there is The Queen’s scepter, Carrot Ding, came from behind. At present, Serge Lutens lipstick is still the most expensive single gram in the world.

Very smooth, high color strength, one stroke forming, good durability but not dry at all, and at the same time, it does not have the “oily” makeup that is often found in lipsticks with good moisture. In short, it is perfect.

The official website picture looks like an inconspicuous little clarinet. If you really get it in your hand, the fine metal sheet metal is very textured. Under the light, the outer shell is reddish in black, and the inner tube is purple in black. It always wears the brand Serge Lutens. Low-key luxury.

Although it is matte, it is not dry at all, and the durability is superb (although I did not apply it to the hot pot but drank water), a bright and young matte red. Although I prefer a more mature and calm color, I also use it in my daily youthful state!

In short, if your daily makeup is biased towards a lively style, I recommend it!





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