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This lipstick has a cooler tone, a browner and cooler red tone (almost magenta) than Mac Kanga Rouge.

It is a very unique red because it is a cool color, but with a little brown undertone.

It’s not very smooth, it’s more like a satin or cream color, and it’s definitely easy to convert it into a matte tone, just like all the shades from 1 to 3. Somehow, it transformed into more neon colors on the lips on my camera.

The official website picture looks like an inconspicuous little clarinet. If you really get it in your hand, the fine metal sheet metal is very textured. Under the light, the outer shell is reddish in black, and the inner tube is purple in black. It always wears the brand Serge Lutens. Low-key luxury.

It is also worth noting that its cut surface is very perfect, it will not make a mistake every time I apply it, I can’t describe its accuracy, I hope you will try it!

recommend! It’s worth the money!





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