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Lipstick is a gem. The housing is made of compact metal and closed with a satisfactory snick. It is also refillable. The actual lip product itself is like a dream. Rich in pigments, high quality, and price tags.

It is light and cool on the lips and provides the perfect tone to the lips. But it feels weird, a bit tacky, and a bit slippery. The inner lip lasts for 15 seconds, and the outer lip is ring-shaped. It does stain a little and works well, but it is annoying for me to reapply it every three steps throughout the day. There is no smell.

The pigment is so rich that you only need to apply it lightly to cover your lips. I would consider buying other favorite shades in full size.

A color that looks more everyday and youthful. I use it at work and it doesn’t look obtrusive at all. My friends often see it and will be amazed. I have recommended it to many people. Although its price is indeed a bit expensive, it is worth it.

I recommend giving it a try when the budget is right!





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