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Make-up removal is a process. If it is not done properly, it can cause acne, pigmentation problems and clogged pores.

We researched all the makeup remover products on the market so that you can effectively and easily remove all the dirt after a long day without destroying your skin barrier.

They glide across the skin on the microfiber rectangle and indeed remove all my eye makeup (I didn’t apply waterproof mascara). They are also half the size of ordinary wipes.

The key to luxury is definitely the microfiber of the wet wipes themselves—the ingredient list is nothing particularly exciting (cyclomethicone, mineral oil, squalene, perfume, water), but it does.

The wipes are soaked in plant squalene-not as greasy, but as effective as any oil. And they are saturated in the perfect number of products (unlike my DIY cotton pad version, it drips everywhere).

This is what I like! And recommend it to you!





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