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I have a new updated mascara review. I have been trying some new formulas, with some successes and some mistakes.

If you want a super natural effect that looks great on your lashes, this mascara is one of them.

It feels super light and flexible on the lashes, so much so that I forgot that I was wearing it. I rubbed my eyes with this a few times, but it still holds up very well.

The combination of light formula and exquisite comb makes eyelashes really long lasting curl. It just provides a very beautiful effect and is very suitable for daytime use.

The formula is also suitable for quite damp, so be careful again and resist the urge to blink or sneeze.

I like the thinner teeth on the top of the comb because it really helps to get into those hard-to-reach inner and outer corners.

In addition, it can really keep curling, it may be the best curling mascara I have ever used. My Asian eyelashes are straight and short, and most mascaras will make them droop slightly-my curls are usually a little lower and less noticeable. not like this.

All in all, if you can master it, it’s worth a try.





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