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Serge Lutens is a perfectionist, his ideal is porcelain-like, perfect uniformity. His foundation is a way to achieve appearance, adding his Quant a Soi primer will give you the full effect.

The elegant black Serge Lutens primer jar is very small and looks more like the size of an eye primer. But this is not the case. In fact, I think it is not particularly effective for primering the lid.

Because you only need to apply a minimal amount of base makeup on your face to get an incredible smooth effect. Quant a Soi is more than just providing a good foundation for cosmetics. It can also brighten up and help achieve better coverage.

It’s very creamy, and it actually has some good things about smoothing and sculpting the face with hands and fingers (if I like it more). The primer seems to melt on your face, feels very comfortable and works perfectly: the foundation grabs it well and keeps it intact. I tested Quant a Soi in a stuffy environment and it performed very well throughout the day.

The texture is very delicate, the color is very natural, and it will not be too yellow or false white. After applying it, you will have the effect of plain makeup, and will never let people discover your secret to your makeup!

Conversely, I recommend it with a cautious attitude… If it is financially something you can do, then this is a lovely acquisition with both form and function.





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