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Serge Lutens Spectrum Foundation. Serge Lutens is notoriously expensive…I mean, the lip gloss is £60! On one milliliter.

The foundation, the foundation looks like a snip, although to be fair, you also don’t get a lot of foundation (30ml). The strangest thing is its weird plastic cover, which will take away a lot of product when you remove it, unless you want to take the time to scrape it back.

The finish is close to matte, but when the light catches your skin tone it will produce a slight skin shine, but it is a forgiving finish. There is no powdery dryness, in fact, the texture is a manifestation of weightlessness and feels very smooth. You can’t feel it on your skin at all.

Although the texture is very delicate, it is very covering and can be processed easily without thickness (it is really very good, I repeat, but it is amazing). I mix the colors with the small brush on the back of my hand, heat the product, I use the brush to apply it on my dark circles, and then use my fingers to melt the material so that it blends into the skin. Then I applied a layer of powder to fix it, and voila! The result is natural but covered, it lasts all day, even with spectacle pads!

I am very happy to have it, it does feel very special. It still does, really.





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