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A la Nuit by Serge Lutens is dedicated to the night and ubiquitous sexy, feminine women, and may be the most lifelike interpretation of the night-blooming jasmine in all perfumes.

On a warm summer night, when the air is full of romantic and sexy promises, this kind of star-shaped flower with anesthetic petals will hypnotize everyone who has touched it.

Jasmine is abundant in southern Europe and North Africa, and Lutens got his inspiration from there. Lush, narcotic, thick clotted cream at night, sweet and heartache, refreshing bubble gum with morning green dew.

For me, this jasmine is a beautifully combined and very real natural jasmine fragrance with a soothing and calming effect. If you don’t like jasmine like I do, it may be a bit too much, but I think this jasmine is mild enough to attract most people. It has a “green” quality and is surrounded by fragrance, which slightly softens the intensity of the heavy indole jasmine.

The green leaves, honey and musk give the impression of being in a tropical forest, bathed in soft moonlight, and cool wind blowing through the humid tropical air. I think it’s green, refreshing, and most importantly…wear-resistant. If you want a complete and authentic Jasmine experience, this is a good starting point.

A LA NUIT This eau de toilette was created by Serge Lutens in 2000. Top notes: jasmine, mung bean sprouts, fungus. Middle notes: jasmine, clove. Base notes: white honey, musk and lemongrass. Benjoin is for collectors. If you like this lovely Perfume can also be used!





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