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This aristocratic rose started as a young and lively princess, with a light and dewy breath (hello, ambrette), and finally became a sweet queen. It’s like two very different fragrances on my skin.

Sa Majeste La Rose is a single flower rose, although its composition contains all other ingredients, their sole purpose is to give more depth to the main star. Fragrance notes include: absolute Moroccan rose, blue chamomile, geranium, lychee, clove, honey, vanilla and guaiac.

The roses here are fully open and mature, almost reaching the point where the petals begin to fall off. But it is also a green undertone to prevent them from smelling overripe. I think this is an idealized rose that can mature and be green at the same time.

Sa Majeste La Rose is a linear perfume. The scent you smell immediately when you apply it will accompany you until it finally dries, which takes a while. Like all Serge Lutens, the lasting power is amazing. Silage is medium to high, so if you don’t want your perfume to announce your arrival, be careful when spraying it.

I think this is a relaxing and uplifting scent, which is the traditional characteristic of roses. As a man, I can pull out this scent, which may give you an idea of ​​its complexity-it is sweet but not too sweet, and it has a charming undertone.





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