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Sidi Bel-Abbès is a popular women’s and men’s fragrance by Serge Lutens, released in 2015. The smell is spicy woody. It can still be purchased.

After the opening of the smoky spicy fruity fragrance, this warm and spicy oriental floral resin autumn perfume is based on creamy leather wood.

Its source of inspiration is a forgotten my past, what we remember and what is left behind are the footprints of this unknown love desert. Its top notes are raw chocolate, tobacco and spices. The middle notes are beeswax, cumin and incense. In fact, the aftertaste is more leather, vanilla and musk.

Sidi Bel Abbes is a fragrance full of erotic, physical, sensual, passionate and sensual. The depth of beeswax and balsamic tobacco are mixed here. The blend is strong, crazy, with an uplifting cumin flavor. It is synonymous with confidentiality, something that is printed on the skin and leaves a personal mark on the wearer.

Finally, you can actually try this perfume! Although it may be different!





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